Pressure Pumping Services has a variety of pumps and mixing units to suit your specific needs. Our pumps are manufactured at our Kilgore Texas location. All of our units are tailored to fit specific needs and requirements of our customers. Not only are our pumps built to last but are simple in design and is extremely user friendly for easy maintenance and operation.

Our Equipment Includes:

Frac Pumps - Horsepower range from 900HP units to 2250HP units. Various fluid end sizes are also available, usually paired up with a specific horsepower engine for maximum effectiveness.

Standard on all units are a 20 BBl. bleed off/holding tank, 5X6 centrifugal, 2 extra ports for additional lines into pump, full line of wellhead connections, adjustable popoff, large face debooster gauge, electronic kick-out, 96 feet of 2” 1502 iron, and 80 feet of 4” 206 suction line. All Northern units are specifically modified with valve lifters, Webastos, additional drain points, high PSI filtering systems for oils, and Temp-a-Start systems to endure harsh sub-zero climates.

Kill Truck - Our Kill Truck/Mixing Unit is perfect for pressure testing and low rate miscellaneous pumping. These lightweight, low-maintenance tri-axle pumping units are perfect for almost any mixing/pressure testing application. The compact design allows easy access to small locations with minimal equipment footprint.  All PPS Kill Units boast a powerful 515HP Cat C-15, and drives a 600HP shorty triplex pump with 6” stroke. Pump rate is around 3 BPM for extended periods of time, and as low as ¼ BPM for more critical testing on low volume applications. This pump includes a 100 gal chemical tank to mix gels or friction reducers on the fly in either of our two 16 Bbl tanks, which is great during millout operations. Fluids are charged with a 4X5 centrifugal that can be diverted to circulate and premix tanks quickly. Air valves control the mixing system, making it easy for one operator to change between flush and chemical tanks instantly. Controls are located on the side of the unit with easy to read gauge displays which include a large 5” face pressure debooster, and liquid filled gauge on the pump for redundancy. Units can also be operated within the cab during extreme cold weather operations. This unit arrives on location with a standard 64 feet of 2” 1502 iron and chicksans. Also standard, is the 120 feet of 3” 206 hammer –up suction line, that is good for almost any chemical used in the industry.

Backside pumps feature a 5” – 300HP pump that is great for high rate at low pressures. This unit is good to 5500PSI and has a carrying capacity of 32 Bbls in 2 separate tanks. Units are set up with pressure transducers that tie into most frac company’s equipment. Units also have the capability to bleed the pressure directly back into the tank. These are also a great replacement for a rig pump down for repairs. They also have multiple inlets and valves which allows flexibility to pump various fluids and mud, while pumping.