Pump Down Services

Pressure Pumping Services has been doing pump downs since late 2006. Being the main pump down crew in the DFW airport project, and then beginning in the Haynesville Shale when it first started in 2008. Customers include Forrest Oil, Chesapeake Energy, EXCO Resources, Devon Energy, EOG Resources, Samson Resources,Oasis Petroleum and Whiting Petroleum. Our experience and reputation speaks for itself when it comes to pump downs.

Our Pump Downs Service Includes:

  • Pump downs rates have been up to 25 BPM
  • Pumping units each have their own centrifugal. No transfer trailer needed.
  • Additional instant neutral is available to run to wireline unit. We can control our pumps from our operating van, and wireline engineer has access to their own button to shut pumps down immediately in case of miscommunication.
  • Additional ports to inject chemicals into fluid system
  • We have both quintuplex and triplex pumps available, triplex preferred on high PSI applications.


Pressure Pumping Services utilizes Caterpillar engines and Transmissions, as they have proven to be the most highest torque engines and most bulletproof transmissions in the industry. We offer 4 ½” quintuplex pumps with stainless steel fluid ends, and also have 4 ½” triplex units as well for pressures exceeding 12,500 PSI working pressures.

All units come standard with 250’ remotes, full onboard data acquisition suite, and electronic pressure kickouts. Pop-Offs are also set in addition to kickouts for added protection.

We have been performing pump down services since 2006 in the Barnett Shale, and have been working in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and North Dakota as well.
Pressure Pumping Services Pump Down Supervisors have been leading the way with their training and experience that surpasses most pump down companies in existence today. With our newest operators that have been with the company for 2 years, to our other operators that have been here for over 5.

With over 10,000 stages completed over the years, we have proven to be tried, tested, and always capable to perform with excellence. The right equipment with the right people, with the right price